This table is taken from Hardware. Neftworking with this board. Has anyone tried networking in Win2k with this board. Do you have to use the onboard sound to be able to hear it, i have disabled it due to using an audigy 2. Do I have to disable floppy disk access control? If you have a RedHat based distribution, there are binary RPMs available for download for certain versions of the 2. Ok, finally got it working.

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Neftworking with this board. Anyone out there able to please help? The speaker is one of them small ones that seem to be taking over from the standard round metal types, do you think this could make a difference. Run the Ram in sync with the FSB for best performance. Sorry, in all the fooling around I keep ussb this is for the card, and that you have the “X” model.

You do not need for the whole content of the zip to be on the floppy, there’s not enough space anyways. Ask a question and give support.

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Spread your USB devices across the different controllers. Damn, site is a no go still, and I prob won’t be able to try it by the time it’s back up! The drivers are included in the nForce Drivers so no extra install necessary. Ok, finally got it working.

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Here’s a list of devices known to have problems with this board: All times are GMT Make sure to check your USB cables which are often overlooked when a problem occurs. If you’re a7m8x having problems, you might need a stronger PSU or you can try connecting your devices to an USB hub with its own power supply.

The nature of SATA is one device per channel. Performance-wise, its a go-getter. You do not want to run PC Ram at mhz. I have installed latest drivers from Asus ver 2. When you hook up speakers to the onboard sound card, it will use them for the Speech Reporter but I do not know if it is capable of using speakers hooked up to another sound card for the same functions I doubt it.

Well I just tried. There’s only one device known to have problems on this board. Yet no one else seems to have a problem. To go with the specs in the last few posts, I will add a real life experience with this post as I own one of these motherboards.


Might see if this will help. Your name or email address: So i pulled its memory out, removed usbb graphics card, and alas still no voice.

There was some mention in that thread of the though the worked here. I hit a quick problem though, the system would not boot from the floppy. If I am mistaken, maybe someone would care to post a link showing how it is possible to connect more devices.

A7n8x-x game connector game1 – Asus A7N8X-X User Manual

Performance is also much better when running the Ram with very aggressive timings. Enable the 3Com from the BIOS before installing Windows as enabling it later seems to bring more problems than anything.

This applies whether the board is running c Dual-Channel or Single-Channel mode. There are also a few things I don’t quite like about this board.

For the nVnet NIC: