The PXA gave some mixed results in this test. More importantly, is it the drive for you? Fuji 48x Taiyo Yuden. All of the times below include not only the actual writing time, but the lead in and out times too. Simply click the name of the application you want to install, and its setup program will start up automatically.

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The top two drop-down menus let you set the PXA’s maximum reading and writing speeds. IF your brave desolder the wires and find out, otherwise boards look the same to me.

As you can see, the plextor px-760a had a maximum read speed of only 8x plextor px-760a reading these discs. VariRec provides user adjustment of the recording power above or below a default level.

Please check the manufacturer’s website and use the item’s manufacturer part number to find the most up to date product description. Of course, there are more affordable alternatives, but plextor px-760a you go that route you won’t have nearly as many features or a company like Plextor backing you up.

Plextor PXA Out In Japan (Big Pics) : DVD Writers

When it comes to features, the PXA has few equals. Click on the image below for a larger and more detailed photograph. Each benchmark test has been run three times. As px-76a can see, this put Plextor’s new DVD writer plextor px-760a a disadvantage in our tests.


To make a long plextor px-760a short, I am using a 4. The PXA’s writing quality was very good.

While GigaRec has its advantages, it also has a few limitations. The drive’s maximum plxtor speed is therefore plextor px-760a as a safety function. To view the contents of the CD, the user must enter the correct password first. If no plextor px-760a write strategy is found, the default write strategy will be used.

3 PLEXTOR Px-760a IDE DVD / CD Rewritable

For example, it can take a disc image that would normally be only MB in size and “stretch” it so that it will take up plextor px-760a entire MB disc.

GigaRec’s biggest limitation, though, is compatibility. If your discs have C1 pelxtor, don’t worry. Write strategy creation This function offers plextor px-760a create a new write strategy for your blank media.

To reduce noise, the drive reads plextor px-760a discs at 2x by default. After taking the drive out of the box, I left plextor px-760a jumper set to master and installed it on the secondary IDE chain of our test computer by connecting the IDE cable and power connector. If no suitable strategy is found, a corresponding write strategy plextor px-760a p,extor firmware’s database will be used. If not, it will do a trial write and start calculating a writing strategy.

The Plextor px-760a gave some mixed results in this test. To test plextor px-760a drive’s writing plextor px-760a, I wrote our test data to some Taiyo Yuden manufactured Fuji media rated at 48x. The manual finishes up by going over the basic operation of the PXA.

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The main chipset seems to be the same in both drives: With most of our test media, the error rates stayed well within acceptable limits, even when writing at 18x. DVD Builder will also allow users to add transitions and background music, create animated menus, and organize clips and photos into custom slide shows.

However, there were a few cases where PoweRec kicked in, preventing it from reaching this speed. On top of that, the plextor px-760a buffer underrun protection is turned off.

While this technology has been around for px760a number of years, Plextor has been pretty tight lipped about how this works. SpeedRead enables the user to increase the plextor px-760a speed of the drive to the maximum possible. Here is a screen shot from Nero’s InfoTool. A disc with good writing quality will produce graphs with narrow peaks plextor px-760a little peak shift. In our tests it started reading at 3.